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Watch the University of Texas football games online to catch the uplifting music form the Longhorn Marching Band. Throughout the years the band’s reputation and popularity has been center stage due to numerous road trips, radio and television appearances – and now Internet exposure – along with a great deal of hard work put in my members and directors. This includes a hard-worked annual schedule like the one experienced by a 36-member touring band that made appearances in 14 Midwest and eastern cities during the school year. The same team also took to the radio air waves as impressive “voices” heralding the ceremonial activities marking the Texas centennial activities taking place.

The band performed for John F. Kennedy marching in his presidential inaugural parade in Washington, D.C. The repeated in 1965 for Lyndon B. Johnson’s inauguration. The band played U.S. Goodwill ambassadors on a trip to Peru in 1972. Honors for the Longhorn Band continued to accumulate when invited to perform at the Super Bowl played that year in Houston. Again, the Longhorn Band headed to Washington, D.C. to march and play in President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 inaugural parade. In 1984, the band did a N.Y.C. road trip performing at the Meadowlands (game against Penn State), at Lincoln Center and on the Today Show.

Texas Longhorns Football

The band was awarded the Sudler Trophy for the Best Collegiate Marching Band in the nation in 1986. Yes, and once again, the band travelled to march and play in yet another presidential inauguration – this time for George W. Bush.

The band also has made many appearances performing at NFL games that included the New Orleans Saints when Hurricane Katrina forced their temporary relocation to San Antonio.

The Longhorn Marching Band achievements, appearances and awards have created worldwide recognition before millions of not only football fans, but band music lovers as well.

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