Watch TCU Horned Frogs Football Games Online

Watch the Texas Christian University football games online where you can also check out the great halftime shows performed by the TCU Frogs Marching Band. Originally known as the Texas Christian University Military Band, it was formed during the 1904-05 school year by a TCU professor, Charles V. Kirkpatrick, and his 16-year-old brother Bedford.

The band throughout the years has developed some considerable “stories” adding to its long tradition and some have become legend. Right after World War II, many band members were returning GIs and, with a lot of steam to release, had a tendency to ac up a bit. The band marched in the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show Parade and some way a group of band fellows found themselves in possession of a large, white horse. With several members playing “Onward Christian Soldiers,” the horse was ridden through the school’s old administration building, much to the dismay of school officials. Another time, the football team and band traveled to Kansas City by train for a show and game against the University of Kansas. Part of the show choreography was he band spelling out the word “HELLO” on the football field.

TCU Horned Frogs Football

It was raining torrentially and the drum major changed the program a bit. The band first took the half-time show field, spelling out the word, “O HELL,” and then sent the “O” running to the end of the formation to spell “HELLO.”

Since the band today is comprised of more than 200 members from every school field of study, it has become one of the most visible and prestigious organizations on campus. Each year the band performs before an annual crowd of 200,000 spectators. Plus, the TCU Marching Band has performed in bowl games the last three consecutive years.

The Horned Frog Marching Band regularly plays before large crowds.

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