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Watch Baylor University football games online so you can be entertained by the Golden wave Band, the school’s marching band performing during half-time activities. Marching band music at the nation’s colleges and universities has as long a history and storied tradition as the football programs do. In all instances, marching band music aims to not only entertain game day attendees but also inspire and uplift the faithful gathering to watch their favorite gridiron warriors do battle for the honor of their school.

The GWB, or Golden wave Band, has also been known during various times in its history as the Baylor Bear Band and even the BUGWB (Baylor University Golden wave Band). The band performs at all regular and post-season football games while also participating in regional and national marching band competitions.

Baylor Bears Football

The Baylor University band began its march into history in 1903. Like many early college bands, the Baylor University band was modeled after a military regulation band. Therefore its beginnings were associated with the campus ROTC program. When World War 1 arrived, the band dropped its military association becoming known as the Baylor Bear Band. He band met some very hard time throughout the 20s and 30s due to the Depression, but post-World War II returning GIs increased not only the student enrollment at Baylor, but band membership as well. Today, members in the band come from all fields and majors at the school, not simply filled by music majors.

The CWB is known for its creative half-time shows airing Bears games focusing on themes from contemporary to traditional playing music across all genres including pop, rock, gospel and patriotic-themed shows.

The source for choice of the band name – Golden Wave Marching band – is still a matter for local debate. One legend portends that in 1929 the name was coined by a reporter who said the band came onto the football field marching like a “golden wave.”

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